5 Essentials That Define a Good Concert

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There are, of course, certain things that guarantee satisfaction to the audience at a concert. It might seem as if entertaining the public is the only aspect that such events focus on. However, if you take a closer look, you’ll find that there’s a lot more to it.

You certainly can’t ignore the coming together of people and all those bright lights. All such elements combine to make a concert venue feel much more intimate and warm. Here we’ll walk you through some of the essentials that define a good concert.

1. Pre-planned theatrics

We’re letting out an industry secret here. Many of the successful live concerts are not planned out to the last detail. You might be under the impression that the best live shows are where the artist does his or her own thing. Some might also be of the opinion that planning destroys the spontaneity of a concert.

The truth is that certain sets of theatrics are planned before the concert. This is to provide something for the artist to fall back on while making the most of the opportunities.

2. Making the audience feel connected

You’d want to feel a connection to the artist who’s performing at the concert. Music and a few other forms of entertainment have a way of making the audience feel connected. A good concert breaks past the numbers of fans and makes every one of them feel this connection.

They must feel connected to the performer, to the music, and to each other. Generally, it’s not the size of the venue or the audience that matters. It is how connected it makes the audience feel during the concert. This is done with the venue’s setup, a top-quality sound system, and the passion of the artist.

3. The right atmosphere

Another thing that a concert must focus on is creating the right atmosphere for the audience. The sound system in use plays a major role in this process. You must be able to hear an instrument clearly while also feeling the beats. The ambiance of the venue must make you feel as if you’re entering a world of excitement and fun.

Fans will always be able to see the efforts that have been taken to make the concert successful. Such efforts reflect in the form of the look and feel of the entrance, ceiling, walls, and stage.

4. The artist’s moves

A passionate artist is the heart and soul of a good concert. It doesn’t matter how good the music is or how elegant the venue’s embellishments are. It is the artist who draws in the crowd. There are times when the artists go out of their way to entertain the audience. They smash guitars, set things on fire, and do everything possible to make the show feel lively.

The audiences see an artist’s passion for performance with such random acts. Even if the song is a slow-paced one, the artist still needs to make some movements. It’ll surely bore you if you’re watching a performer standing in the same spot throughout the song.

5. An element of surprise

What really makes a concert enjoyable is when the artist performs in an unexpected way. Performers often have the freedom to be spontaneous and add their own element of surprise. He or she may extend the guitar solos or intros, stop to interact with a fan, or break into a dance. Concerts playing to technical perfection often don’t arouse the kind of excitement one wants during such events.

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